11 Insightful Blog Posts to Help Your Technology Transformations Take Flight

Hilary Billingslea |

Tambellini Analyst

11 Insightful Blog Posts to Help Your Technology Transformations Take Flight
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So much information, so little time. Let us make it easier for you to catch up on the topics that are top of mind for higher education executives just like you. We’ll help you cut to the chase by providing a quick and skimmable list of all the articles, infographics, and podcasts found at Tambellini’s Top of Mind blog this year.

Articles: Read Industry Perspectives about Technology Contracts, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Security, and Blockchain

Up, Up and Away
Be aware of three key issues for educational institutions to consider in cloud computing contracts. Plus, mitigate the risks associated with cloud technology transactions such as setting expectations, trusting, but verifying, and striving for business continuity.

Building an Enterprise Analytics and BI Practice in Higher Education
Institutions are experiencing increased pressure to better understand themselves, like many commercial organizations, and tasked with driving strategy and growth. Discover how to build an enterprise analytics and BI practice within higher education.

AI Provides a Very Human Touch to the Higher Education User Experience
Evaluation and deployment of AI assistants and chatbots are expected to improve services within academia—from recruiting and admissions to information inquiries and the classroom. They’re being deployed with a keen focus on improving the user experience by incorporating automation into daily tasks. The use of these technologies is gaining momentum across higher education.

Fundamental Steps to Improve Cybersecurity in Higher Education
Read how one security expert outlines strategies that institutions can employ to bolster cybersecurity programs at an executive level with higher education. Understand first steps, who takes ownership, and where to find additional help.

The Blockchain Movement in Education
Some consider blockchain as the next-generation supply chain to ensure secure transactions of data across the internet between people and organizations. It’s expected to drive big changes in the educational system.

Infographics: Visualize Expert Guidance for Solving Today’s Technology Challenges

Prep for a Successful Move to the Cloud Infographic
Learn key lessons and best practices for selecting, preparing for, and delivering a modern cloud student or ERP solution within higher education. Find out which kind of stakeholders can make or break the project.

Contract Negotiation Roadmap Infographic
Guide your higher education organization through finance, HCM, student and implementation contract negotiations with less stress and a more optimal outcome. Pick up helpful tips and know what hazards to watch for.

Podcasts: Listen to Higher Education Executives Discuss Innovation, Technology Pain Points, and More

A CTO’s Role in Driving Transformation
Big budgets, long timelines, and extra staffing aren’t always needed to undergo transformation. Start simple and repurpose something right in front of you. Find out how Simon Blackwell, Chief Transformation Officer of Mount Saint Mary’s University, makes impactful changes, motivates staff, and solicits board support in this episode of Top of Mind.

Position Yourself Well for Positive Change Management
Want your IT staff to be more receptive to change management? It could take just a few small changes. That’s according to Jim La Creta, CIO of Brandeis University, who recaps how he overcame obstacles to change in complex and minor projects in this Top of Mind episode.

One Exec’s Secrets to Attract and Retain Top IT Talent
Is your institution attracting and keeping top IT talent? One higher education executive seems to have a formula that works. Shady Azzam-Gomez, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at Suffolk County Community College shares how he overcomes talent management obstacles in new Top of Mind podcast.

University Leads Change Through Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
Students in higher education are learning and innovating around the clock. The option to help them virtually will provide what they need when they need it outside the confines of campus office hours of 8 am to 5 pm. For more, listen to Top of Mind Podcast Curtis Carver, VP and CIO at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Hilary Billingslea |

Tambellini Analyst

Hilary Billingslea
Hilary Billingslea is the Tambellini Group’s former Director of Marketing Communications and Operations. Ms. Billingslea managed corporate communications, brand, content marketing, and public relations. Her marketing focuses on higher education executives, who seek rich content and services to help support their technology selections. Their various journeys are peppered with a blend of digital and traditional tactics and assets. Ms. Billingslea’s industry experience also includes technology roles with Asurion, Capital One, and PeopleSoft’s Higher Education & Government business unit.

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